Why Us

Quality Network, Wiring, & Installations For Your Business.

Working with local and international brands, we have been able to meet your demands in Chicago and Chicago land area over the decades. As technology changes so do the needs of our clients. We stay up to date with new hardware and software that can provide a better experience with your telecommunications and network demands. Get the solutions you need right the first time and give us a call today.

Always Double Tested

We go the extra length to make sure that your equipment works with no shortcuts!

10+ Years of Server Experience

We have over 10 years of experience building servers, so you know you can trust us when you are wanting a new rack built!

Always Cable Managed

Forget having a rats nest of cables, we always manage our cables so they not only look clean but are easy to work with!

No Bad Connections

Due to our Double Testing and Cable Management, you never have to worry about a messed-up cable again!

On Budget

We research different options on materials to maximize your savings.

Great Support

Transparent, clear communication is what you get working with us.

Fast Repairs

We consistently meet your time-based needs with little or no downtime