Telecom Repair

Quality Telecom Repair Services In Chicago Land Area

When running a business at some point one of your network devices is bound to fail. In most cases when this happens your business suffers. If ever you encounter a problem with a wireless access point, modem, IP-camera or any other device; you need a company that can come out and quickly trouble shoot your problem. We can send out a technician that will work with your IT team remotely to get the issue resolved right away. We understand the importance of adhering to a proper dress code and appropriate behavior. Our technicians dress professionally and arrive on time.

Always Double Tested

We go the extra length to make sure that your equipment works with no shortcuts!

10+ Years of Server Experience

We have over 10 years of experience building servers, so you know you can trust us when you are wanting a new rack built!

Always Cable Managed

Forget having a rats nest of cables, we always manage our cables so they not only look clean but are easy to work with!

No Bad Connections

Due to our Double Testing and Cable Management, you never have to worry about a messed-up cable again!

A monthly contract is not required to use our services.

IT network technicians have the troubleshooting equipment necessary to trace damaged wires. We carry many types of wires to run new lines and repair phone and internet connections. We will quickly get your network operational. Upon completion, clients receive a full report with detailed notes and photos following our visit. Whether you have large warehouses, small offices, store locations, hotels, restaurants, or anything in between.

On Budget

We research different options on materials to maximize your savings.

Great Support

Transparent, clear communication is what you get working with us.

Fast Repairs

We consistently meet your time-based needs with little or no downtime

Art’s Wired Electronics provides our customers with services including:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Voice & Data Hardware
  • Wiring & Networking Services
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Design & Installation Services
  • Network Maintenance

With each and every project we complete, we make certain to meet your demands on time and on budget. There is always a high cost associated with the kind of work we do in the telecom repair field and we make certain to keep that in mind when structuring the best way to accomplish your needs. Downtime for your company can make this process even more expensive which is why we always try to work around your hours of operation whenever possible.