Smart Home Installations

Quality Smart Home Installation Services In Chicago

I install devices such as lighting controllers for led lighting, networked music streaming devices such as Sonos, networked security cameras, sensors for detecting changes in temperature in homes and automatically adjusting those with a smart thermostat, sensors for water leaks or motion sensors for ring alarm and doorbell systems, etc.

Keep in mind, that most of these devices need Wi-Fi access points. So, you will need to install Wi-Fi to give blanket coverage of wireless internet to the user to work properly. Devices a person can install, such as a smart coffee maker to brew coffee at specific times are also called IoT Internet of Things and these devices now allow Home Automation.

Always Double Tested

We go the extra length to make sure that your equipment works with no shortcuts!

10+ Years of Server Experience

We have over 10 years of experience building servers, so you know you can trust us when you are wanting a new Intercom System!

Always With Your Security In Mind

Forget having to worry about intruders again!

On Budget

We research different options on materials to maximize your savings.

Great Support

Transparent, clear communication is what you get working with us.

Fast Repairs

We consistently meet your time-based needs with little or no downtime

What kind of features do you need with your new Intercom?

  • Telephonic
  • Wall Mount Stations
  • Belt Packs
  • Master Systems
  • Security Door Stations

No matter what customized solutions you need, we have you covered. Give us a call today and we’ll get you started with your new telecom system.

With each project, we make certain to meet your demands on time and on budget. There is always a high cost associated with the kind of work we do in the telecom repair field, and we make certain to keep that in mind when structuring the best way to accomplish your needs. Downtime for your company can make this process even more expensive which is why we always try to work around your hours of operation whenever possible.