Security Camera Installation Services In Chicago

DVR Types

Analog DVR- (Digital Video Recorder) A traditional DVR security camera system uses Coaxial cabling to bring an analog signal from a security camera to the DVR. When the signal reaches the DVR, images are converted from the analog format to a digital format and are stored on a hard drive. The way the image is compressed is the most important part of capturing a good image. The most cost effective DVR type for high definition resolution are TVI DVR’s, this type of DVR will save bandwidth and record up to 3 mega pixel resolution.

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Outdoor camera- Do you know what IP66 stands for on a security camera specification? Don’t confuse this with IP cameras. IP represents Internet Protocol or Network cameras, this is not what we are talking about here. When you see a number after the IP this signifies the ratings for a weather resistant camera. They are defined as IP66, IP67, etc. you will see these numbers more and more as higher end cameras such as IP Cameras and some Analog have more testing and higher standards. The ratings are universal for the most part the companies who assign these numbers to cameras have to have their cameras tested to meet the criteria.


When our security camera server literally started on fire, Arts Wired Electronics was our go to shop for service. Art came out the same day and quoted a price on a Geovision System. Art pointed out a bunch of areas that where lacking sufficient coverage. The new system is fantastic , it allows us to use our old cameras and also add High Definition IP cameras. We have used Art to design our conference room and hang TV's throughout the shop and install back up cameras in all of our box trucks. He is a professional and comes out to service calls quickly. Thanks ArtJohn Catalano- Owner of Bionic Auto Parts Chicago
Night vision camera- Monitor your home or small business in any lighting condition, at any time of the day or night, with our infrared night vision cameras. Night vision cameras feature discreet IR LEDs (infrared light emitting diodes) that allow you to see from 20 feet to 180 feet away in black & white night vision (range varies by camera model). Better camera technologies ensure clear and detailed night vision for enhanced performance in low light conditions.


NVR- (Network Video Recorder) is an Internet Protocol-based video recorder utilizing TCP/IP network technology as the mode for transporting the information. Your IP camera is wired using cat 5e cable instead of coaxial. Our newest NVR has P.O.E. (Power Over Ethernet) meaning you don't need a separate fuse box to power your new security camera system. Digitized video and audio streams of a network IP camera can be transmitted by connecting its LAN port to the network. So essentially, some NVR's can be placed in remote off site locations, so that your recorded information can be stored safely in your desired location.

Fixed lens vs. varifocal lens- Security cameras are available in a fixed wide angle lens, a fixed narrow (Far focused) angle lens or a manually adjustable (varifocal) lens. For whatever application or view you need, there are a number of cameras with different lens sizes to select from that will fit the task.


Hybrid DVR- A hybrid DVR gives you the flexibility to swap out your old analog dvr and keep all your old cameras; but allows you to add high definition IP cameras to areas where you may need better resolution, such as at a cash register or at the front and back doors of your home or business.